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TaxTrex is software that helps you self-claim. Full access for $375 per month


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3 Simple Steps


Track your projects
in real-time

TaxTrex’s three annual surveys provide an up to date and verifiable overview of your research progress. Each survey is time-stamped digitally, which will help you defend your claim in the event of an audit. learn more >

Start working on your R&D claim today!

Only $375 per month. 

Free call: 1800 792 676

Real-time risk assessment

Our innovative risk assessment algorithm will identify any potential issues with your R&D project. If a compliance risk is identified, we will work with you to rectify the issue and ensure your claim meets all legal requirements. learn more >

Real-time reports

TaxTrex surveys are digitally time-stamped to ensure the scientific process is recorded as it occurs. This unique feature acts as proof of your research progress, and will help defend your claim in an audit. learn more >

Real-time document storage

TaxTrex’s unique document storage facility provides a central location to save all of your supporting documents. If you are audited, you can simply access this facility and download all your supporting documents. learn more >

Project Management and Risk Assessment
TaxTrex includes the tools you need to manage your R&D from project commencement to claim submission.
What do our customers say?


TaxTrex allows me to comply with the R&D rules.
Darren Cooke
CEO, Strictly Service

TaxTrex gives me confidence that I’ll pass any audit.
Brett Pattemore
Chief Technology Officer, BIGMate

TaxTrex compiles my R&D documentation in significantly less time than before
Andrew Groom
Business Consultant, Milton & King Pty Ltd

I’m surprised about how simple and straightforward TaxTrex is
Graham Chee FCPA
Managing Director, Local Knowledge

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Enter your details below to find out
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