The TaxTrex system provides a four-layered approach to security and confidentiality. All data that is entered or uploaded to TaxTrex is encrypted and therefore only accessible to you and authorised personnel.

1. Data Encryption

All data that is transmitted electronically or stored within TaxTrex is transformed into an unreadable and scrambled format. This type of data encryption ensures your information can only be accessed by the person who created it or its intended recipients.

2. URL Encryption

URL encryption protects your data from security threats such as forceful browsing. By encrypting the data in the URL, your data remains protected against unexpected user behavior.

3. SSL Certificate – Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

TaxTrex SSL provides a further level of security by establishing an encrypted link between TaxTrex’s servers and your browser. This secure link ensures the protection of the data transferred between the two. Our SSL security system prevents hackers or other unauthorized individuals from attempting to view your data.

4. SQL Injection Prevention

SQL injection is a security threat where hackers use database queries to access sensitive information. TaxTrex has protected against this threat by implementing an innovative system to prevent unauthorized individuals from injecting SQL commands.