Prepare and document an R&D tax claim in-house in 3 steps

TaxTrex  is software that helps accountants offer R&D tax services to their clients.

100% support all the way!

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3 Simple Steps

Designed for Accountants

82% of accountants think that preparing R&D claims without specialist help is too risky. TaxTrex allows you to prepare R&D claims with little or no risk.

No conflict of interest

TaxTrex is backed by Australia’s largest R&D tax advisor, Swanson Reed. We are 100% independent and only prepare R&D claims. We won’t compete with you for tax work.

Simple integration

All you need to use TaxTrex is an Internet connection. After you and your client register with us, you can start offering R&D tax services to that client immediately.

Full support provided

TaxTrex is a product of Swanson Reed.  Swanson Reed prepares 500+ R&D claims per year. Integration of TaxTrex entitles you to our extensive R&D expertise.

Based on peer-reviewed research

TaxTrex is successfully applied to 500+ R&D claims per year.  Its concepts were published in Australia’s leading tax journal, Taxation in Australia. <learn more>

Client Management and Risk Assessment
TaxTrex includes the tools you need to manage and offer an R&D claim service in-house
from initial assessment to the claim submission.

Simple Process

Visit our features page for more details on each tool.

TaxTrex Processes Over 500 R&D Claims Each Year

TaxTrax processes


R&D claims each year

Always on track

TaxTrex’s highly secure real-time diagnostic tools will ensure that your R&D claim is prepared to the highest standard.

Expert support and advice

Integrating TaxTrex in your firm gives you full access to our R&D tax expertise and 3rd party advice. With that power at your disposal, you will regain control of your client’s R&D claim, generate more advisory fees, all with a limited risk exposure.

We sign-off = No risk to you

Once you and your client have completed the 3 surveys, Swanson Reed will review the information collected by TaxTrex. To avoid any risk exposure to you, we will compile the final submission and provide the 3rd party sign-off.



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